Palatka – Mural City

Sarah and John on the porch overlooking the St. John's River at Corky Bell's seafood restaurant.
Sarah and John on the deck overlooking the St. John’s River at Corky Bell’s seafood restaurant.

For years we spent time in Palatka every summer at softball tournaments. I never looked forward to the Palatka tournaments. I always complained there was nowhere to eat and nothing to do to pass time between games. We camped at the softball field, ate ballpark food, and packed our own toilet paper because Palatka softball won the award for the worst restrooms in the state.





How I wish I’d investigated Palatka further. I’ve found one great restaurant and another I want to try, a beautiful state park, and a mural tour through the city, and how come we never went down to the St. John’s River to relax between games and have a picnic? We really missed it.


This past weekend we met Sarah in Palatka since it’s about halfway between Ocala and Jacksonville. We walked through Ravine Gardens State Park before meeting Sarah for lunch at Corky Bell’s. Then on our way out of town I noticed one of the murals and stopped to take a picture. Before I knew it, I stopped to check out a second, then third, and then more murals.

Wildflower Mural
Wildflower Mural
Wildlife Mural
Wildlife Mural

The Conley-Snyder Mural Committee provides a mural map that can be used by visitors who want to take a walking tour throughout the downtown area.

Palatka Railroad Murla
Palatka Railroad Mural
Columbine on the St. John's River Mural
Columbine on the St. John’s River Mural

I never thought I’d say I can’t wait to go back to Palatka, but I can honestly say I’m looking forward to it.