Weigh In Wednesday – Week 9

LoseItlogoIt’s official, I’ve lost ten pounds since the beginning of the year following the simple steps I’ve included in my daily routine to monitor my eating and exercise habits. Being more aware of my habits regarding food and exercise allows me to make better decisions and with the exception of using the ice each evening, the other changes are becoming routine:

1. Logging food and exercise on Lose It.

2. Drinking more water.

3. Exercising at least 210 minutes per week.

4. Eliminating soda.

5. Taking a multivitamin.

This week’s plan – eat more slowly. I remember my mom saying that eating more slowly allows your body time to fill full. She suggested putting your fork down after every bite in an effort to slow down. Just this week, I read an article, Retro Diet Tricks  in the February issue of Health. It looked back at slimming down through the ages and found wisdom behind much of the advice of days gone by. The article highlights the benefits of such advice as eating cottage cheese, grapefruit, and even baked potatoes; as well as going back to eating three meals a day. So I’ll try a retro diet trick this week. I’ll put my fork down between bites. Eating more slowly can’t hurt!