What’s a Mother to Do

We’re one month closer to the November wedding date. So what’s happened since January…not as much as I’d hoped. I was able to find someone who can make a wedding dress so that was a major step in the right direction, but other than that, it’s mostly been discussions with Emily. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s essential…just still don’t have much nailed down.

Emily got some disappointing news that one of the caterers she was hoping to use will be closing his business so he won’t be available in November. She still has a couple of other options but needs to contact them to get menu suggestions and prices. I think floral decisions have been made for decor and while we’ve discussed ideas about bouquets, we still need to finalize plans with a florist…narrowed down to two choices.

According to the timeline, it’s time to look at invitations and stationery. I need to check with Emily, but I’m pretty sure this has been done. She’s planning to design the invitations and has a rough draft of the design as well as an estimate for the cost of printing. I know this sounds risky to design your own, but since she designed the invitations, response cards, and thank you notes for Meghan’s wedding, I’m sure she can do it for her own. It’s time to finish the design so they can be sent to a printer, especially if she plans to send save-the-date cards.

Also on the to do list…decide on music. Are we looking for a band? a DJ? What’s the plan for music for the service as well as at the reception. If we use a non-traditional venue what type of sound system will be required? I know Emily and Brian have several friends with music connections so it’s time to put those connections to work.

Nine months. Still plenty of time. (John and I did all of this in two months…nine is an eternity!) But I’ll feel better when a few more items are finalized.