U Pick – Round 2

U Pick strawberries - Oviedo
U Pick strawberries – Oviedo

Last Saturday…citrus. This Saturday…strawberries. After last weekend’s adventure picking for Kaedyn at a local citrus grove, Meghan asked if I wanted to join her picking strawberries at a local “U Pick” farm in Oviedo. Since strawberries rank high on my list of favorite foods, I was in.

We joined hundreds of others picking strawberries. After about thirty minutes, we’d picked about ten pounds of berries (not counting those I ate in the field) and were ready to stand in line for another fifteen waiting to pay. I guess the warm weather made picking strawberries the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning for many in the area, but I was more than a little surprised at the length of the line to have the berries weighed to determine the cost.  My tray weighed in at more than five pounds and Meghan’s approached four so we’re planning meals around strawberries this week.

Picking strawberries - serious business.
Picking strawberries – serious business.
Looking for perfection.
Looking for perfection.

After a quick stop at the Oviedo farmers’ market, we met up with John and Jon after their trip to Lowe’s. I can’t figure out why they thought that was preferable to our adventure.

Later we joined Emily for dinner in Winter Park. Four Rivers Barbeque did not disappoint…lots of Texas style barbeque and then dessert to go from their sweet shop (just what we needed with a car full of strawberries).

Last weekend with Sarah and this weekend with Meghan, Jon,  Emily, and Brian. Two great weekends! Wonder what picking activity we can plan for next weekend?