Gotta Just Love a Good War!

Gas war that is! Recently, several gas stations in Silver Springs Shores have been engaged in a gas war with the price of gas as low as $3.01 per gallon, about a quarter cheaper than stations about ten miles away in Ocala. Drivers certainly appreciate this competition for business, but it also reminds me of a similar competition when I was much younger.

I remember being very confused hearing my parents discussing a gas war while driving in our karmann ghia (a model of Volkswagen no longer in production). The tone of the conversation was one of excitement and anticipation instead of fear that I associated with the word. In fact, I remember seeing hand printed signs posted along the road with the words, “Gas War”. Fortunately, I hadn’t seen the movie Zoolander because I’m sure the scene of the models squirting one another with gas…with disastrous consequences would have come to mind.

I finally realized that a gas war meant gas was being sold an lower than usual prices…less than 30 cents! And to think last week I was excited to see it hovering around $3.00.

We filled the Suburban last Sunday saving nearly $10, but I was disappointed to see that while the prices today are still about ten cents lower than those in town; the war seems to have subsided. Prices were back up to $3.12. I’ll keep my eyes open as I drive through the Shores. I’d love to see another war!

Hoping this is the sign during the next gas war.
Hoping this is the sign during the next gas war.