Green Side Up

Today we put the final touches on our new backyard. Last Tuesday, the heavy equipment broke and removed the concrete from the pool. Wednesday, nine dump trucks of dirt filled the hole, and today sod was delivered. It’s already in place – green side up – and being watered.

I just learned today that the last time we laid sod Meghan and Sarah were in cahoots to avoid participating in the hard work required to place the sod. Apparently, Meghan told Sarah that if they left too much space between the pieces they would be able to get out of laying the sod. Her plan worked. After repeatedly being told to place the sod edge-to-edge, careful not to overlap, but also careful not to leave gaps, Dad finally told them to go back in the house. He didn’t need their help.

Poor Emily didn’t get the message about completing sloppy work. Her reward – she laid sod with her Dad until the job was completed.

The good news about today’s job – none of you participated. Instead, Danny was recruited to help and in only about an hour the area once occupied by the pool was covered by sod. The yard’s looking great!