French Toast Grandma

One of my favorite Thanksgivings took place in Helen, GA.  During the 1990s, we loaded up the family, food, decorations and met with grandparents and cousins “over the river and through the woods” to celebrate the holiday. This particular year stands out because my grandmother joined us from Indiana…quite a feat! We wrestled her away from the remainder of the family so she could spend the holiday with her Florida grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This hadn’t happened since we moved to Florida in 1968.

Of course, Grandma couldn’t just be a guest. Everyone wanted to partake in her cooking and she enjoyed preparing her award winning recipes for us. As strange as it may seem, the meal we all remember the most was not Thanksgiving dinner or her mouth-watering desserts, but breakfast, and especially her French toast and homemade syrup (just brown sugar and water, but a new treat). Every morning we gathered at the main cabin for Grandma’s special French toast.

Some of the younger cousins expressed confusion because we called two women Grandma. In fact, Danny, who was three at the time, walked in the room and pointed to his Grandma and Great-Grandma and proclaimed, “two Grandmas”! However, by the end of the weekend, he solved the problem dubbing his new Grandma, French Toast Grandma.

The name stuck! Great-Grandma loved her new name, and in fact, she signed all cards and letters to her Florida great-grandchildren French Toast Grandma for her remaining years.

Let’s eat French toast tomorrow morning!