Celebrity husband?

Yesterday, Emily and I attended a shower for a friend of hers. Of course, that meant playing “shower games”. Each of the guests wrote the name of her celebrity husband on a slip of paper. (The celebrity that she would like to have as her husband.) Then the bride–to-be drew the slips from a basket and attempted to match the name on the slip to the guest who wrote it. Two or three slips were drawn several times throughout the gift opening process for a change of pace.

Blake Sheldon? Bradley Cooper? Aaron Rodgers? All three made the list of an ideal celebrity husband. When the guest of honor pulled out a slip and read Robert Wagner, she struggled with matching the name to one of her guests. “Who’s Robert Wagner?” Someone reminded her that he starred in the TV show Hart to Hart, but since that show was on before the birth of the bride, that clue was useless. Another guest announced that Robert Wagner was married to Natalie Wood, which also resulted in a blank look. I used a great deal of self-control not to shout out, “Yes, and he’s under suspicion for her murder!” Who could possibly name Robert Wagner as a celebrity husband? Who is her real husband?

My choice? The actor who reminds me most of my real husband…Tom Hanks. However, I think the guest who really had it right is the one who just wrote, “the husband I’m married to”.  After all, who needs a celebrity husband, if you married the right person?