Permission Granted

After reading an article in the local paper on Mother’s Day, 2011, I asked my daughters what bits of advice I’d imparted through the years had been the most helpful. Sadly, they could not respond. Of course, when they turned the table on me asking what words of wisdom my mom shared with me, I too, drew a blank.

In the following weeks, I tried on several occasions to think of advice I’d given or should have given, even making lists of these little pearls. Finally I resolved to send a weekly message as a way to rectify my failure to provide that motherly advice. My Mother’s Day Resolution – write a message every week for one year,  and thus, Mom’s Monday Memo was born.

Since these messages belonged to Meghan, Emily, and Sarah, I asked their permission before posting on a blog. (Although I must admit I bought the domain name and set up a site before sending the email that follows.)

Over the past 75 weeks I’ve written Mom’s Monday Memos to you. These have only been shared with the three of you. Dad even complains sometimes that he’s been left out and accuses me of writing bad things about him!

However, after attending the Sanibel Writer’s Conference, I’d like to do more with these messages. I’d like to use them as a basis for a blog, Mom’s Monday Memos. The blog would pretty much be just a compilation of these messages – posted weekly. Although I do have some other ideas that could be included since the blog workshop encouraged posting daily! I would not be able to use all of them – no one wants to know about your family health history – but I would use many of them. Of course, you’ve just seen the rough drafts since I would have to polish each piece to actually publish it on a blog. I would also carefully edit references to you, although I don’t think I’ve said anything in any message that would be hurtful or embarrassing – if so, I’m sorry, that was not my intent.

Before, I pursue this idea further, I feel I should ask your permission to continue with this project. After all, these were suppose to be just me talking to you. If you allow me to use these pieces on a blog, please feel free to add comments and suggestions. For example, do NOT include #?…or these are my favorites…or you really should change this part…etc.

Let me know what you think!


A few minutes later, Meghan responded:

Go for it.

I got a tweet from our friend who was at the SIWC who said he saw you’re on twitter and thinks he unknowingly met you yesterday. He asked if you write us regular memos. I said yep, that’s her. We’ve received one every Monday for over a year now.

Shortly after, Emily sent this message:

Blog away! I think this is a great idea. Plus, I’m pretty sure we were all planning on publishing these in a book after you died anyway.


This way we won’t have to fight over the royalties. 🙂

Then Sarah chimed in:

Works for me.

So now with permission granted, Mom’s Monday Memo has found its way to the web.