Weigh-In Wednesday – Week 1

Like many Americans my New Year’s Resolution for 2013 – lose weight. I’ve never gained much weight in any one year, but even a couple of pounds a year add up. Instead of any grand plan to join a health club, or to make severe changes in my diet, or to lose weight quickly, I’m approaching weight loss as a yearlong process.

I plan to take baby steps. Each week I’ll make one small change – one change per week on which to focus. This seems so logical. I just hope logic is the way to weight loss.

The plan for week one is simple. Stop holiday eating. No daily consumption of cookies, fudge, cake, or other sweets. No holiday parties with endless spreads of food. Step one: Get back to a regular eating plan. This goal should be easy to meet since I’m back at work and back on a normal schedule.

I remember my doctor asking how I gained six pounds in one month when I went for my regularly scheduled January obstetric appointment when I was pregnant with Meghan. My answer – fudge. He laughed, told me I couldn’t continue to gain six pounds a month throughout the pregnancy, and then admitted he’d gained five pounds. Well, this only happened once – the result of holiday eating. The good news – I didn’t gain six pounds this holiday, but I did gain two. It’s time to stop the holiday eating and start making progress toward my weight loss goal.

First Day Walk

The state parks of Florida encouraged visitors to the parks today by hosting First Day Walks. The parks organized dozens of events throughout the state.

“I encourage Florida families and visitors to begin 2013 in our state parks and enjoy the natural world around you,” said Donald Forgione, Florida Park Service Director. “Join others across Florida and the nation for a First Day Hike as part of a national health and outdoor awareness movement.”


So instead of spending the first day of the year sitting in front of the television watching college football Bowl Games, we headed north to Alachua County and walked the LaChua Trail at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park. We didn’t participate in the organized event at the park, but instead we spent a couple of hours walking the trail, observing the wildlife, (I still haven’t seen a bison. I think this is a hoax!) and taking pictures.

The birdwatchers were out in full force. I overheard one group going over their checklists to make sure each person had recorded all of the birds sighted. I recognized the names of many of those listed: heron, ibis, gallinule, sandhill crane, and anhinga; and in fact, I saw those as well. However, they also discussed finch and both the white ibis and glossy ibis. Apparently the glossy ibis is uncommon making it a more exciting find.

While I may not have recognized all the varieties of birds we encountered, I did recognize the alligators; and they were everywhere. On more than one occasion I changed my course to avoid getting too close to a gator sunning on the side of the trail.


I couldn’t help but remember the time we camped at Paynes Prairie with one of Emily’s friends who had never camped, ridden a bike, or spent much time in the wilder parts of Florida. Her dad called to talk to me before our trip to alleviate his fears about the dangers of alligators in the campground. I assured him they would not be a problem, but then we walked the trails and got up close and personal with many monster gators. I’m not sure how her dad would have felt about our pursuit of gators, but every Floridian needs to see these creatures out in the wild.



Spending the day enjoying the real Florida…a great way to start 2013! Maybe this should be a new tradition.

Happy New Year!

Resolutions? You’ve got to be kidding!

Yesterday I encouraged you to make a resolution for the New Year. Today I want to share some not so serious resolutions I found on the Internet. If you’re like me, you can probably even think of some people you know who should make some of these.

  1. Start washing my hands after I use the restroom.
  2. Stop drinking orange juice after I brush my teeth.
  3. Stop licking frozen flagpoles.
  4. Spend less than $1825 for coffee at Starbucks.
  5. Watch more cute and cuddly kitten videos on You Tube.
  6. Start using Facebook for something other than Farmville.
  7. Avoid fingertip soreness by learning to play “Rock Band” instead of a real guitar.
  8. Stop buttering my doughnuts.
  9. Eat more fruit…roll ups.
  10. 10. Quit walking off with people’s pens.

Add your own to the list. I’m sure you’ve heard some good ones!

Happy New Year!


Well it’s that time of year again. A new year symbolizes a time for a new start and the time honored tradition of making a New Year’s resolution.

This practice of making resolutions to start the year has been around for centuries. The Babylonians started the practice but probably resolved to return borrowed farm equipment instead of getting more exercise. The Romans continued the practice looking for forgiveness from their enemies – not a bad resolution even today.

I’ve made resolutions through the years with various degrees of success. Some years I’ve made ten or twelve resolutions, which is not a good idea. Basically, I resolved to become a new person and who can be successful trying to accomplish a complete make over? Other years I’ve made no resolutions or more likely, “My resolution this year is to make no resolutions.” Isn’t that creative?

I can’t count how many years I’ve resolved to stop biting my fingernails, obviously with no success; but I have had successful ones as well. For example, I’ve resolved to use fewer paper products. This may seem lame, but it makes a small difference. I’ve also resolved to drink less soda. Notice I didn’t say, “drink NO soda”. That’s just setting myself up for failure. Other successful resolutions have been to read more, watch less television, let my hair grow, spend more time with my mom. I can still improve on most of these, but I’ve made progress.

Making resolutions don’t have to be made at the beginning of the year. In fact, my Mom’s Monday Memo resolution, a successful one, was made in May after Mother’s Day. However, a new year symbolizes a new start so it’s a good time to think about a change you’d like to make.

This year, my resolution is to lose weight. I’m sending each of you an email with my goal so you can hold me accountable – since I’ve failed to do this in the past. Next year when we get together at Christmas, I’ll weigh in and hopefully we can celebrate my success.

I hope you’ll make one resolution for 2013. There’s no reason to share it unless you feel it will motivate you. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect everyday. I know I’ll gain weight some weeks, but I’m not going to use that as an excuse to give up. It’s just a set back, not a blown resolution. I’ll start new the next day. Change doesn’t come easy, but with conscious effort, you can make your resolution a part of a new you.

Happy New Year!